Our History

Company founder and owner, Rick Baumann first came to Murrells Inlet in 1967. Prior to his arrival here, he had the misfortune of being born in New York City – an event he had no control of. As a young man, he developed quite a reputation as a scallop diver and clammer on the south shore of Long Island. His family later relocated to Illinois, where Rick excelled in sports at Batavia High School while experiencing “complete boredom” with his scholastic endeavors. His first job, after graduation, was at DK Manufacturing – where he was a proud team member of the crew who assembled fuel lines for the Apollo moon rockets and many Air Force fighter jets of that time. He later enlisted in the service and finished his tour of duty at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base.

Rick was first introduced to Murrells Inlet at the old Air Force Base Marina – which was located in the basin across the street from the original Inlet View Restaurant. He made quick friends with the Marina’s operator, Captain Jack Haynes, who took Rick under his wing and taught him the crafts of a “Creekman”. While many locals initially referred to him as an “ignorant Yankee”, Rick persevered at his craft and became enamored with the Southern pace and Low Country lifestyle. He was quickly accepted as a “converted Yankee” and began supplying local restaurants with his own catch of clams, oysters, crabs and flounder in 1968.

Over the years, Rick has enjoyed careers in consumer finance, television production, the golf industry – and as recording and touring musician. But he always came back to Murrells Inlet. In 1987, when Barry Harrelson retired from Harrelson’s Seafood, Rick decided to get serious about the seafood business. Since that time, he has supplied the area’s finest restaurants (the ones who really do use fresh local seafood!) – while building his gourmet retail store in 1989. Since opening that store he has sold enough seafood to treat over 25 million people to the pleasure of a Murrells Inlet Seafood dinner!

High quality seafood is harder to come by these days. There are size limits, closed seasons and conservation zones to deal with. In addition to maintaining long standing relationships with local fishing families, Rick has established liaison with harvesters in Alaska, Iceland, Nova Scotia, New England, Norway, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Mexico, and South/Central America.

The level of quality he has in stock allows you to take home the same quality seafood that the area’s finest chefs use every day!